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#210405 by Drumdude13
Thu Aug 20, 2009 9:56 am
Hey Everyone,

RVP here,

So the other side band I play in called Ten Ways From Sunday featuring Dave Young (Guitars) and Mike Young (Bass) (ex- Devin Townsend Band, Terror Syndrome) with Eric Severinson on vocals, is now in mixing mode with one of Vancouver's top engineers/mixers Jay "JVP" Van Poederooyen at Van Howes Studios here in Vancouver, BC, Canada. We are four songs into mixing the album and it is sounding HUGE! JVP is the head engineer for famed producer Brian Howes and also happens to be my brother - not many people have a last name like that on this planet! LOL! Jay and Brian have worked with such artist's as Hinder (both albums), Puddle of Mud, Chris Cornell, Chris Daughtrey and many more famous artists. Needless to say we're in very good hands with JVP at the mixing helm.

There will be 12 songs on this debut release (with myself and Eric in the band, they have 3 previous releases with a different drummer and singer) which clocks in at just over an hour! The music itself is progressive hard rock with catchy vocals and versatile/technical musicianship. The influences of "Ten Ways" range from bands like King Crimson to Incubus (earl stuff) to Porcupine Tree to Meshuggah. It's a versatile mix of music on this record which music fans and musicians can enjoy alike. We always make sure that the song comes first before the musicianship. The album should be finished mixing by September 1st, 2009. We will then move on to mastering. We still have to decide on who will master the album. Stay posted for that news.

Personally, this is probably one of the best, if not the best recording of my drumming to date, on a performance and sound point of view. You can expect tons of odd time signatures, displacement of beats, crazy fills, lots of versatile double kick and some good ole fashioned "4 on the floor" for the catchier songs. We did zero drum editing on this album, except for comping my drum takes. What you hear is exactly what I played. There is a ton of feel in my playing as a result. I'm extremely proud of my drumming on this record and can't wait for you RVP followers to hear it!

The official track listing has not been decided yet but here are the song titles for the album:

25 to Life
Swan Dive
The Solution
Denial (Part Two)

You can expect the full length album to completed and ready for release by the end of 2009 or early 2010. How and where it will be released will be announced at a later date. Stay posted for all up to date details at or at my myspace page Back to mixing...


#210491 by Drumdude13
Fri Aug 21, 2009 10:04 am
Lawrence wrote:That sounds great Ryan i cant wait! Unedited drums is the way it should be! Glad to hear you layed it down with that much precision

Yeah, I'm really proud of this recording. There are a couple fills or a couple beats I could have played a little better but I like the fact that you can tell it's a real drummer with real feel. I pull off some pretty crazy shit on this record and knowing that it's not edited at all is a really cool thing for myself. I'm not against editing the crap out of drums if it's for the right reasons. For example, if it's extremely technical music that needs to be bang on tight or when you have a ton of loops going on, you need to have the drums bang on or things start to flam or sound out of sync. White Zombie is a good example of the loop thing. I really believe there is a time and place for editing. If you can play it and play it really well to a click, I say leave it unedited and let the natural feel come through. It also can show how good a drummer really is... there are a ton of guys who sound great on album and shit live because they are edited to hell. I don't like to portray myself as one of those guys, if I lay something down on a record, I guarantee you that I can play it! Just my opinion on the matter..... sorry for the spewing bullshit speech! :lol:


#230380 by BenRaah
Sun Jan 03, 2010 9:08 am
Ive listened to the album sampler and watched the youtube videos numerous times, and I have to say it sounds superb! I will be doing my best to get hold of a copy the minute I can, you're one of my favourite drummers (along with Gavin Harrison) :) all the best with Ten Ways, Id love to see a tour sometime!

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