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#325788 by Ogie Oglethorpe
Wed Jan 25, 2017 11:31 am
I'll hope this gets seen and maybe at least starts a ball rolling.
I tentatively showed my fiancee Anneke and Devin performing "Ih-Ah" off Retinal Circus because I wanted to suggest this song for our first dance (thus the tentativeness, this is after all her big day and her first dance song). She quietly listened to the song for awhile, and I wasn't sure how she was taking it, as I was watching the screen for a bit, but when I looked back at her...
Devin, she was crying, she loved it. She said she loved the song and was touched by it, and that I felt that way about her.
So we started looking, and we came to a conclusion that the version on Retinal Circus with Anneke is the best version we can find. If it wasn't a live version, we'd use that one, but we can't find a good acoustic version of Devin and Anneke.
Unless there is a version out there I just don't know/haven't found yet(If there is please someone let me know), can Devin please, please, please record an acoustic version with Anneke. Dancing with the woman you love while Devin and Anneke serenade can that be wrong?

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