Woah! Good lord, it's a cheeseburger!!!
#281857 by Wintermadman1100
Sat Sep 24, 2011 7:36 pm
ppinkham wrote:
The Dev wrote:...just wait till you hear what happens next, I've not even gotten started yet.

That is both an exciting, yet scary thought.

It scared the hell out of me. Its almost inhuman how much music Dev creates.
#281881 by Tall-Latte
Sun Sep 25, 2011 1:34 am
The Dev wrote:...just wait till you hear what happens next, I've not even gotten started yet.

Thank you though, for everything.

we are all TRULY sorry for the constant praise :) thankyou for everything - im sure youve been told of many stories and many lives you touched! Cuppa tea?
#281946 by metmass
Sun Sep 25, 2011 12:10 pm
That review... it pisses me off because how many times did Devin explain what the album was about and how it wasn't going to be SYL? Shit, countless. And still it's totally ignorant and treats it like something it's not.

As for me, I love it. When it came I listened to it for straight three weeks and didn't want to listen to anything else, because nothing could compare with this. Everything was lacking.

It's so awesome I don't know where to start, there's so much to say... it's one of my all time favorites now.
#282007 by daneulephus
Mon Sep 26, 2011 5:32 am
fullgore wrote:I don't think anything Dev does can top Infinity. This is #2 tied with Ocean Machine and City in my opinion.

I always go back to Infinity. I think it was because of that particular time period in my life honestly. If Deconstruction had been released back then instead, I'm sure THAT would be my "Infinity"...and pretty much the same for most of his others. I don't hold onto it for dear life though. I'm always open for anything Dev does and Decon/Ghost still sits as my number one for the year.
#282069 by Tall-Latte
Mon Sep 26, 2011 3:59 pm
ive still got a soft spot for ocean machine.. ive just been having synchestra on heavy play as well.. and ziltoid is always classic.. but i think if i were to play something to a non-devin knower, itd probably be something off of addicted... probably supercrush.
#283051 by powercozmic
Wed Oct 05, 2011 4:40 am
After several listens to all of dev's stuff... I have a feeling Decon kinda tops them all... hand in hand with terria.
#283652 by bassbait
Sat Oct 08, 2011 9:32 pm
I'd say Deconstruction defines his career better than all other. It's truly his best album. But my favorite goes to Alien, for that's the album that I feel he did the most work on perfecting. Deconstruction is much easier to pick apart, but Alien is almost impossible to pick apart. It's so densely layered that I still haven't found everything out. But I know that Devin speaks in metaphors a LOT. Deconstruction's story isn't about Satan or a journey to me. It's entirely about alcohol and internal struggle (alcohol and drugs, to be a bit more accurate). Satan is a metaphor for his "devil side", the side of alcohol and drugs. The "skullet" devy. God is a metaphor for his new Devy, the one free from alcohol and drugs. Everything is said metaphorically in the entire album, and by the time it has reached The Mighty Masturbator, he's full blown alcoholic. By the end of Deconstruction, he's off of alcohol and drugs, and Poltergeist is him announcing his triumph over it all. I'll leave the rest blank because I've been revising what I think the songs are all about, but I know for a fact that, like was the case with Alien, each song title is key to understanding what the song is about. Alien and Deconstruction are close siblings in my eyes, and I hold them to equal appreciation. But Deconstruction defines his career more, so I'll say it's the better album.
#289448 by astfgyl
Mon Nov 28, 2011 2:23 am
i just read the metalreview.com link for deconstruction, and i can actually see where the reviewers were coming from because when i listened to the album first time i thought it was a bloated mess of shite. however, as is often the case with these things, after each listen it got more and more into my head to the point i'm at now where i just love it.

i often find that albums which aren't the most immediate turn out to be the most rewarding, and there's just so much going on with deconstruction there's no way it could be properly reviewed after one or ten listens. regarding the concept and story behind it, i dunno, i just listen to things and i like them.

is it his best album? i haven't a clue. my opinion on which one is the best changes all the time. it's mood dependent for me.

i've been into the dev since 1996 and it's the variety that keeps it all fresh. i imagine 20 different versions of city and i imagine how long ago i would've gotten bored with it. one version of that is enough for anyone.

at the moment i'm hoping this epicloud thing comes along, because if the supposed demo from it that i've heard is anything to go by, it'll be right up my street. after sixty listens!
#294260 by Bookwyrm83
Mon Jan 23, 2012 3:26 am
After all this time, I see Deconstruction is the pinnacle of the project (though Ghost is the crown atop), and is a highlight of his career. That said, I find the likes of Terria, Ocean Machine, and Accelerated Evolution to be that much more iconic. Still, they were some of the roads that led to Decon, and to have an album worthy of such comparison is a great achievement in itself.
#296217 by No OnE
Fri Feb 24, 2012 8:14 pm
I'm listening to it for the first time in pry a couple months...current evaluation = this album is nuts as fuck!! I've never listened to it immediately after Addicted like I am now, it fits surprisingly well. The downside...Pandemic just ended and I have to leave the house for a while :(
#296318 by NamasteLikeBender
Sun Feb 26, 2012 2:11 pm
Synchestra is my favorite Devy album, followed extremely closely in no particular order by pretty much every other album he has ever had his name in except for HAARHT, SYL, The New Black, and Ki. I'd probably crowbar Deconstruction into my Top 5 if I had to, though.
#296403 by catharsis
Tue Feb 28, 2012 1:16 pm
for awhile when it came out i would say that along with ghost they are his 2 best albums. alone they are both incredible, but when paired together... i couldn't ask for anything more. however, after listening to ALL his old albums recently, I don't think anything can top the ocean machine-infinity-terria holy trinity. right now, i'd say they are sandwiched between synchestra and ziltoid though it's so hard to rank all his albums in order.
#299088 by NamasteLikeBender
Sat Apr 14, 2012 1:42 am
crazyaga wrote:http://www.sputnikmusic.com/review/47100/The-Devin-Townsend-Project-Deconstruction/
omg. that reviewer can suck my dick. how dare he give that masterpiece 1.5/5???? 1.5/5??????????
deconstruction is an obvious 5/5.

The same moron gave Nightwish's new album a 2.5 out of five. That album is a heaping pile of crap.

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