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#221913 by Fadefury
Sun Nov 01, 2009 10:32 am
The entire album is probably one of my all time favorite releases and I'll forever be in debt to Devin for releasing something this great but on topic of the thread, I'd say my favorite moment on Ki would have to be the entire song Disruptr. I think just about anyone that has been or is constantly frustrated with life on a daily basis can relate to this song or at least my interpretation of it. The lyrics drive the song for me and the build up/release which just brings a whole new level to the song for me. I may be wrong but that whole slow build up to the release really makes me connect with a song because I think we've all been there in life when you suppress something(s) for so long that you just need the release and then afterward its quiet and calm in your head. There's just sooooo much going on in this song that I could literally talk about it forever.

Has Devin ever gone over song meanings for Ki? I'd LOVE to hear what these songs really mean to him but for me Disruptr is all about some kind of frustration of existence in a broad sense, and it's exhaustion. Am I far off or did I hit the nail on the head?
#225009 by Jaymz
Mon Nov 16, 2009 2:08 pm
Ki outro, second time around. That's the best single 'bit' of that album to me. But of course there's tonnes of other stuff, just that bit (especially when it was on the album teaser) just makes me tremble. The whole outro from the clean arpeggios is gorgeous but that's just my absolute favourite part.

Love it, especially with the chanting going off.
#227941 by tboatbprod
Tue Dec 08, 2009 8:08 pm
Wow you guys point these things out, and I'll listen for them consciously and end up loving em. Demon seed's general over all tone always leaves me waiting for Addicted! to bring some lightness out. Gotta love the end of Terminal as well. I'm telling you, even with the new one out, Ki remains my top play...
#230184 by Pik_Nick'92
Fri Jan 01, 2010 6:51 am
The climatic ending to coast.

Heaven's End or whatever it is. The solo, and the little bluesy part before the solo part that drags you in.

The end of ki and the ringing notes in the beginning.

Disruptr and Gato lyrics.

And the list goes on..
#238335 by fizzicist
Fri Apr 09, 2010 7:38 am
Hands down Terminal, the entire song! - The piano fading out with the loop at the end. It's a very profound and peaceful.. Something incredible.

The start to me sounds like a letter being opened. Then what sounds like wind chimes. Also what sounds like Pigeons fluttering away in a massive empty Railway station with wind blowing through it. The pigeons fluttering almost sounds like the letter being opened but with massive delay and echo with multiple layers.

Correct me if i'm wrong Dev.

Also I can only guess just after the fade out at the end it's Devin saying - 'Awesome, there's a Centipede in my tent..' ? i can't quite pick the last word. Tent would make sense. haha. I think i'm totally off the mark..

Also there's some more words said after that by someone else in a very bassy tone that's hard to hear. Something along the lines of 'The last day was......

Then after some coughing the same person says 'I luurrvvee bruschetta man..' hahaha it's not what is said however Bruschetta is nice :D

There's what you could call 'feedback' around a quarter to the left of the stereo image that comes in around 0.29. It's more apparent around 0.53 and is really cranked at 1.32. It drops off at 2.11 at the Heeyyyy.. It's a song I've analysed quite a bit and i have my own interpretation with the lyrics as we all do.

There's so many layers to your songs Dev! Have to say I love it. I'm still hearing alot of new sounds, especially depending on where i'm listening to the music. In the car or at home, so many different tones at different levels of volume.

I love this - during Heaven Send from 5.47 there's no echo/delay effect at the back or top of the sound image. It's timed perfect with the lyrics 'There's no fun at all, when there's nobody listening' The echo/delay on the sound comes back in around 5.54

There's lots more, i'll keep adding when i keep listening!

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