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#106991 by Coma Divine
Sat Jan 21, 2006 4:18 pm
OK, we're getting closer to "release time" and the reviews are starting to fly in, so here will be the place for you guys to post any reviews you find.
(please keep specific discussions to the Spoiler thread, at least until the actual release of the album) :wink:

Go for it!

#107166 by andjustinforall
Sun Jan 22, 2006 7:46 pm
ANyone read's review? Nail Broth????

#107167 by doomsoldier
Sun Jan 22, 2006 7:56 pm
Nail Broth was a working title for Gaia before Devin changed it. Apparently the reviewer wasn't aware of that.

#108108 by Coma Divine
Sat Jan 28, 2006 10:18 pm
I've written one, though I'll leave it away from here for a week or so, until more people have the album and it becomes less of a spoiler.

Some folk may have read it @ SYL or RVP though... :wink:

#108135 by EphelDuath666
Sun Jan 29, 2006 6:16 am
Atari wrote: (German)

From what I can make out, it's positive.

it is :)

#108139 by Das Schuetzenfest
Sun Jan 29, 2006 6:28 am
Lolliklauer wrote: (german) 5/5 points.

In german MetalHammer-magazine it earned 7/7 points in the review and was second-best album of the month in the average rating of all reviewers (first was Come Clarity by In Flames).

Damn, you beat me to it! - cool website, and that reviewer Michael Edele seems to be a huge Dev fanatic. Does he post here? 8)
Any 5/5 review is fine with me.

In Rock Hard (Germany) Synchestra is one of the top 5 albums of the month, but the new In Flames comes out on top. :roll:

Cum Clarity > Synchestra is a joke! :evil:

#108150 by gozu
Sun Jan 29, 2006 7:51 am
i haven't even heard the album but this just makes me too excited!
"If ACCELERATED EVOLUTION was a musical entity emerging from a chrysalis and drying it's wings, then SYNCHESTRA sees those wings put to damn good use..."-Coma Divine, RVP forums

#108168 by Atari
Sun Jan 29, 2006 9:10 am
I'll agree with it.

#108379 by Naffis-kun
Mon Jan 30, 2006 7:48 am
It's amazing how Devin's songs get better as you start to remember them in your head.
This is the opposite of popular songs

#108390 by sj_2150
Mon Jan 30, 2006 8:05 am
Naffis-kun wrote:This is the opposite of popular songs

blue by eifel 65 :?

#108422 by doomsoldier
Mon Jan 30, 2006 9:27 am
I did a presentation on that song in Grade 7 music class, before I got into real music.

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