#247610 by Theo
Sat Sep 11, 2010 10:33 pm
Hi Tracy! I remember when I ordered Synchestra when it just came out you signed it personally. I thought that was sweet! Thank you.

I'm a long time Devin fan, prefer his solo stuff to SYL by far, the music, singing, lyrics and production are just so grand. It seems to be common for his fans to say how the music gets you through tough times. I feel like he's there, a voice that is really talking in different voices... hear an explanation for confusion and other problems. The only other band to get me through so many down times is Pink Floyd. Both their music is just infinitely deep.

I know pretty much no bands except that REALLY big ones bother coming out East. There's not enough people maybe to make the money. But if it is possible - tell him to get his ass down to Moncton (my birthplace), Halifax. or...well those are the only two real cities. But maybe if he's like, going to NFLD for a hike he can stop in Moncton and play at the bus station for me. :p

Can't hurt to ask right?

Love the latest albums. Glad to see Devin going up and up and up. Canadian there any limit to our future?

#247746 by mrbean667
Mon Sep 13, 2010 7:18 pm
One: Tracy unfortunately doesn't post here.

Two: Devin has no control over where he tours.

Sorry bro.

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