#228253 by longtime1983
Thu Dec 10, 2009 10:06 pm

I just purchased 2 tickets to the brisbane show and there's a slight conflict. I went through the hevydevy website which took me to ticketek, it says the venue is at the tivoli theatre fortitude valley. On the website it says the HiFi bar at west end, i am confused, which one is it? they both have the same date and time. Thought id bring this to your attention. Thanks
#236166 by Delirium69
Mon Mar 08, 2010 9:44 pm
Definitely at the Tivoli

Please, any admins view the following and please pass onto Dev or Tracy or someone who could relay the info so I could get some form of reply either in the form of a 'Yay' or 'Nay, Fark off u weirdo'

Tried emailing some of the hevydevy emails, but no reply; I'll keep it short and simple; I've designed a new guitar pickup (and it kicks ass, although my prototype at this point has only been used in acoustics, because I have not had the guts to butcher my electric yet to accommodate the donut shaped (toroidal) pickup; designed/modified this new toroid based pickup. I am in Brisbane and coming to the show on the 12th! Thanks for comin to aus btw.

I would really like for u to see it, as in the future I would like to work with the right people (e.g. urself and or peavey) to get something like this going on a bigger scale and have it as your signature pickup? If you like it offcourse. Its radically different visually and its properties are very unique.

Would love to meet you either before or after the show for a quick 5-10 minutes if you have a moment to show you this little donut beast. 2 of them in an electric would be cool - an infinity guitar right?

Any reply would be greatly appreciated by any HDR staff?

Thanks again,


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