We tried metal but it didn't work, so let us in on the punk rock dough!

#65267 by simen_88
Sat Jan 08, 2005 3:54 am
"Look, a manager!"
"He's so beefy!"
"Tee hee"

How many of these great quotes are there on the album?

#65270 by IBrokeAString
Sat Jan 08, 2005 4:26 am
millions, man!

"you better start selling. mister! I kill your family! I kill your doooooog, I kill your girlfrieeeeend!!"

#66989 by Janne
Sat Jan 15, 2005 3:34 am
I couldn't afford a real wallet chain, so I got another chain. But I couldn't attach it to my wallet, so it just kinda hanged out of my back pocket...

#67194 by Pondo
Sun Jan 16, 2005 5:34 am
2 questions:
which song is a green day parody?
and which band is meant by "we tried metal but i didnt work so.."? Blink?


#67195 by simen_88
Sun Jan 16, 2005 5:37 am
Recipe For Bait is Green Day. I don't know what the other songs are parodies of, though. I'm guessing Ez$$ could be Rancid, but the text doesn't fit.

#67200 by Pondo
Sun Jan 16, 2005 6:18 am
thx, but whys rfb green day? because of the lyrics, the music or both?

#67202 by simen_88
Sun Jan 16, 2005 6:19 am
Dunno. I got it from the line "Think Green Day" in the beginning of the song.

#67205 by Amaran
Sun Jan 16, 2005 6:31 am
it doesn't sound that much like a green day song. it sounds more like a song that any standard 'surf-punk' band would play.

#67207 by Pondo
Sun Jan 16, 2005 6:41 am
sorry, im not a big punk-fan that i could compare the songs :wink:

#67209 by Amaran
Sun Jan 16, 2005 6:44 am
I attended germany's biggest punk festival (over three days) one and a half-years ago - it was HELL.

#67226 by Archetype
Sun Jan 16, 2005 8:28 am
Recipe For Bait is a parody on Bad Religion's Recipe For Hate... :D

#67301 by Janne
Sun Jan 16, 2005 12:42 pm
Just lyrically or musically as well?

#67312 by Archetype
Sun Jan 16, 2005 2:08 pm
neither, just the title
As far as I know none of the punky bruster tracks have lyrics which are parodies from other punkrock-bands. I listen to a lot of punkrock, but ofcourse I do not know everything.
Punky Bruster is just a fuck you to punkrock, so I'm guessing most lyrics are written only for that purpose, not to make a parody of exisiting punkrock tracks.

#68752 by LouiLoomis
Mon Jan 24, 2005 2:03 pm
Picture Of Myself sounds like a Foo Fighter's track and there's a couple times where you hear 'gang' vocals which sound like an Offspring pisstake.

#68800 by Catatonik
Mon Jan 24, 2005 11:39 pm
I love this album

Heavy Metal Mama \m/ oh yeah :D

"If she's got a ring through her nose, she's metal enough for me"

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