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#326467 by JSan
Tue Jun 16, 2020 6:22 am
I'd recently gotten into Terria as fan who mostly knew the Ziltoid onward stuff, plus the regular live stable songs. I was listening to Mountain a little louder than usual and I noticed the Asian voices and wistful-sounding song in the outro section. I searched the internet and couldn't find many people talking about this, weirdly this forum doesn't appear to searchable on Google even though the main page shows up. Having found the two threads here that speculate about it, and the Terria episode of his wonderful Quarantine Podcast series where he does briefly address this saying he added 'Cantonese or Mandarin' voices to link with his dog Happy, I set about trying to track it down. I isolated the audio and tried phonetically searching the phrase to no great return, I eventually ended up with Google Translate correcting a phrase to the phrase Sheng Guo Ni (胜过你) seemingly meaning 'More Than' which seemed accurate enough to work with. Unfortunately searching this phrase kept coming up with a modern ballad as the result, amazingly though by adding a date limit of 2010 and 'lyrics' to my search it returned with the actual exact song (even though my phrase was incorrect it partially matched a later lyric)
So TLDR the song is called I Love You More Than This World (我爱你胜过这世界), covered by Samuel Tai, from his 1996 Mandarin sung album Love Return To Zero (愛歸零)
Relevant snippet is at 29ish seconds.

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