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#129334 by Drumdude13
Tue Sep 05, 2006 3:13 pm
Alright !

The first stage of my album is complete !

Everything turned out awesome at The Armoury Studios this past weekend. I recorded drumtracks for 12 songs and they all turned out the exact way I wanted them to ! That's the beautiful thing about producing your own record.

On the first day, we spent up till 7:30pm getting a smoking drum sound. Alot of the time was spent setting up a tent over top of my drumkit, baffles surrounding the kit, testing many mic's so we could get the right mic's for the drum sound I wanted, tuning skins, then actually turning the knobs for a good sound. It's a very long process, but worth every minute !

I recorded only 2 songs the first night then the rest of the album (10 songs) over the next 2 days. I thought it was better to end early and get some rest the first day and go hard the 2nd and 3rd day. There is some really cool drumming on the album BUT I think the songs are the key thing for this project. I really wanted some wicked tunes and I really think I got them.

As for my drum setup (for all you drum guy's out there), I ended up using half my new kit and half my old kit for the recording. My Pearl Reference Kick Drum is sick, really punchy with some good depth to it, so I used that with my Pearl BLX Toms and my Reference Snare. It's full on Metal...big and powerful. I used an array of 13 Sabian Cymbals, they all sound killer. We got a really clean and crisp Cymbal sound...lot's of bells too :lol: Can't wait for you all to hear this drum sound....

A massive thanks to Shaun Thingvold (SYL, Fear Factory) for his awesome engineering skills, Rob Stefanson - The best assistant engineer out there, Tyler for helping out everywhere including drum teching and last but definitely not least.... Dave Young and Chris Campbell for the amazing playing those guy's are laying down for this album, they are truly amazing musicians.... you'll all hear this very soon !

I got some pic's taken during the recording..... here's a few to check out ! Enjoy ! There was a ton of video footage taken too, which I'm sure will appear on my website downloads section in the near future. Now on to recording the guitars...... stay posted !


My Drum setup.......


My Drum setup from behind.......


The Armoury Studios, inside the control room.... Beautiful !!!!!


Shaun Thingvold working away.....


Dave Young helping get drum sounds....


Me on the drums getting ready to track....

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#129353 by sj_2150
Tue Sep 05, 2006 8:10 pm
very nice dude! 10 tracks in one day! gene has big competition. :D

why is that every photo taken of dave makes him look like theres something very wrong? :lol:

#129358 by day old male
Tue Sep 05, 2006 8:31 pm
LOL! True. He always has this kinda scared bunny rabbit look on his face. Hahaha! Dave - you rock man!

#130542 by hog
Wed Sep 27, 2006 5:49 pm
sj_2150 wrote:very nice dude! 10 tracks in one day! gene has big competition. :D

why is that every photo taken of dave makes him look like theres something very wrong? :lol:

Cos Ryan told him that since he was behind the kit, he would have to play drums for the whole album, then...."just kidding" :D

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