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#249253 by Aniland
Sun Oct 10, 2010 7:06 am
Cole I'm sure a lot of people want to hear Earth Day, as it is one of his most popular and best songs. Nevertheless, be grateful that you are one of the lucky people who gets to see Devin on this tour; I live in north Florida and there's no chance of me being able to see him until possibly the next tour, so take what you get and be happy with it man (or girl, if 'cole is short for Nicole or something).
#249283 by Inca Roads
Sun Oct 10, 2010 4:33 pm
If you bought a VIP ticket for the show, you can probably request that he play an acoustic version of it. He was taking requests during the Vancouver Meet and Greet / Private acoustic show.
Other than that, I don't know how much he will be playing around with the set list on this tour.
We shall see....
#249990 by Dirt_Pride
Mon Oct 25, 2010 1:21 pm
What's going on here!?
#249992 by swervedriver
Mon Oct 25, 2010 1:34 pm
The original post, which seems to have recently been edited, was a desperate plea to Dev to PLEASEPLEASEPLEASEetcetc play Earth Day in some place where he was/is going to play.

Since then, stuff happened.
#250026 by BrunoN
Tue Oct 26, 2010 6:26 am
Would be cool to see Devin in Warsaw. Don't have particular requests for the setlist, I'll happily accept two hours of armpit farts and some digestion noises for encore. We'd even comb our polar bears for that.

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