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#326492 by Erotic Delivery
Wed Apr 28, 2021 1:13 pm
Hi everyone! I'm having a manic epsidoe which must mean its time for me to post here. couldnt figure out my old account login so i made a new one, probably for the best but its me nathan_lol.I come to share my new album which is very dev heavy:

its like a playlist of musical white noise made by an AI that's also God. It's dense with information like jazz and it took longer to bounce than to create. I'm also not done, it's what im calling a Lifetime Album in that I will add tracks to it for the rest of my life. So please check it out, ive already had 3 sales which is making me cry, i have never made money off my music before.

this might be my favorite forum, nowhere else has been for "fourm"ative for me. i wasnt lectured by devin townsend on 5/8 after all

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