#112183 by Drumdude13
Thu Feb 16, 2006 9:30 pm
Hey Everyone,

RVP here. Posting from Norfolk, West Virginia. It took us 72 hours, straight driving to get to our first gig in Raliegh, North Carolina. Beavis was pretty sick all the way up to the first show. He's kickin' ass now. We were eating alot of shit food like Taco Bell and "The Beef Clown" (McDonalds). Thank god that we're getting some awesome food at the shows really helps, cuz all that fast food was creating some pretty raunchy smells in the Bus or "The Ice Cube"....that's what the DTB calls it...but that's another story......

OK, about the shows..... We just finished our second show of the tour tonight at The Norva here in Norfolk, on the Opeth Tour. It went awesome. Our first show was sold out in Raleigh, North Carolina. Dark Tranquility could'nt make the first show due to Flight complications from Europe. So.... the show in Raleigh was just us and Opeth. It was an incredible show and the crowd was amazing. We played for an hour and a half and play....... we played 4 songs from Synchestra. I saw someone post the correct setlist for that show in another post, so check that post out if you want to know what we were up to for songs. I fucked up my left index finger pretty good, Blood and bruised to shit ! We were playing "Regulator" and I was pounding the shit out of my Drums... then "Boom" I smashed my finger pretty good Did'nt tickle BUT that's fuckin' Metal for ya' ! I got pic's and video footage of it. Pretty funny.... for one time only !

The show tonight was pretty packed, don't think it was sold out but is must have been pretty close. We played our normal 30 minute set, it went awesome and the crowds tonight and last night were amazing !

Dark Tranquility played their first show tonight and kicked ass. Opeth are just fucking amazing. It's an honour to be touring with such a top notch metal act. I'm already sad that it's just 13 dates with them. We'll make the most of it though. All the Opeth and DT guy's are awesome. Everyone gets along awesome and we're already having a blast talking about piss, puke and poo jokes :lol: Good times.....

The song's we've been playing for our 30 minute set is as follows:


It may change in different cities, but that set is working really well for us now.

I've taken some pretty awesome video footage and pic's. I'll be sure to download some pic's when we get back from tour. As for the video stuff....I know it'll show up on our next DVD. There was more footage involving piss again...this time it had nothing to do with Dev and everything to do with Mike :lol: It will be a secret, until the next DVD is released. It's funny footage but not as classic as "The Pisser" video with Dev.

Anyways, the piss and poo jokes are getting pretty fucking funny here backstage so I'm going to share a few of my jokes regarding poo and piss...... Ahhhh, the road, when men become boy's again :lol: Good times. Looking forward to the rest of these dates on this tour and I'm looking forward to seeing some of you fans at our shows. Well, back to the Heineken....fuck does that beer kick ass ! Take care and talk with you all soon....

All the best,


PS... I'm sure Beavis or someone will post as well, so stayed posted for another update soon !

#113720 by beavis christ
Sun Feb 26, 2006 10:08 pm
All right I guess it is my turn to add to this. Well today we were supposed to play Quebec, but due to circumstances that were out of our control we had to cancel. We were all super bummed and hope that no one was to dissapointed. Other than that hiccup everything has been going great! The shows have been awesome and we have been able to meet quite a few fans and even gain some new ones! It is really cool to meet the people on the board at the shows, so if you see us say hi! Doing a headline show in Toronto tomorrow, so we are pretty excited about doing a full set. That has been the only complaint we have heard is that we arent on long enough. A half hour goes by pretty damn quick! Only two more shows to go and then we drive back home. :sad: The ice cube has been getting colder as we go along, and we have a new appreciation for the west coast weather. Hahah! The band is really hitting its stride now and I think we are sounding really good. Its to bad the tour is almost over, but if you see us in the next few days you will be seeing us at our best! Devs voice is really on fire this tour!!! Wow he has been sounding awesome. Well it is late and I need sleep so I guess that is it for now, but hope to see ya all soon!

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